Professional Services

Giller Animal Hospital provides a diversified menu of professional services, with the goals of maintaining health and effectively treating ill and injured patients. You may learn more about our many services below.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing provides vital information about organ function and the immune system. Because timely results are critical, we maintain an in-house laboratory with results available in minutes.

Health Maintenance

Health maintenance uses preventative medicine to keep our patients well. Physical examinations and laboratory testing allow early detection of many illnesses before they become serious, or life-threatening.

Diagnostic Imaging

Radiographs (x-rays) allow our doctors to evaluate bones, abdominal organs and the heart and lungs. Our state-of-the-art digital radiography provides faster, higher quality images than traditional film.

Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and treatment of disease is an important part of veterinary medicine. Our doctors treat a wide range of problems, including those of the skin, eyes, ears, heart, respiratory, GI, nervous system & tumors.


Surgical procedures are performed routinely at our hospitals using patient-specific anesthesia. Each patient is evaluated by a doctor prior to surgery and an individual anesthetic and pain management plan is chosen.


Dental disease is one of the most common problems in dogs and cats. Routine dental care can help keep your pet healthy for many years.

Pain Management

Dogs and cats feel pain just like people do. Arthritis, injuries, surgery and disease can all be painful. Our doctors will work with you to establish an individual treatment plan for your pet.

Orthopedic Surgery

We provide comprehensive surgical care when orthopedic procedures are required, such as ACL repairs, luxating patella, fracture repairs, and FHO procedures. The process begins with an orthopedic consultation to provide a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.

Veterinary House Calls

We offer house calls, upon request to the surrounding area, to accommodate your pet's special needs when it is just too difficult to come in to our facility.

Senior Care

Did you know pets can be considered seniors at 7 years of age? Some health issues that affect older pets can begin with subtle changes that go unnoticed until the problem has become serious. Routine senior wellness exams and blood work will allow us to monitor and evaluate any changes that may occur.


A comprehensive pharmacy is maintained at both hospitals to ensure your pet's medications are available for your convenience. We have a complete inventory of heartworm preventatives, flea and tick products, and prescription medications.